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Looking for the LoRa Solutions….
Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) technology is a key element to fulfill the growing Smart City demands in environment monitoring, street lighting, parking, buildings, smart metering, and fleet management.

LoRaWAN is designed for wide range, low power communications, and smart city applications benefit from wireless battery operated things and secure bi-directional communication, mobility and localization service.
Advantech’s Advantage
To help you easily and quickly build a wireless LoRa IoT environment, Advantech provides everything
from sensor nodes and gateways, to cloud-based IoT solutions.
ARM Cortex-M4 Core Processor
Built-in LoRa / LoRaWAN connectivity
Great for Low Power Wide Range applications
Rich I/O interface for sensors and control
Supports wide temperature -40 ~ 85 °C
Compact form factor 22 x 30 mm
Qualcomm Atheros Quard-core ARM Cortex-A7 SoC
AC1200 dual-band Wi-Fi
WISE-Link private LoRa up to 500 nodes
Optional mini-PCIe module for 3G/LTE card
Network management and security
RF Certificate Ready
RF Certificate Ready
mbed OS Support
mbed OS Support
Capable Public and Private Network
Capable Public and
Private Network